PCT Day 146, Urich Cabin (mile 2344) to mile 2374

Day 146

Urich cabin (mile 2344) to mile 2374, 30 miles 

Cost: Camped, free

Worst night sleep ever! Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate being dry and warm… But I think I maybe got 45 minutes sleep last night between the snoring and the mice rummaging through everyone’s bags. My first and only night to sleep in a cabin, I’ll camp in the rain rather than do that again!

I set off around 7am and it was a cold, misty day but it wasn’t raining. The trail was really well maintained and like a beautiful rainforest with heaps of mushrooms and moss. 

I got water from a stream slightly off trail and sat down and cooked a mountain house for lunch with a big cup of tea to get warm and give me the energy I needed to keep on going to a campsite that would make today a 30 mile day. Velcro, Xactly, the Dubie Brothers, Blazing Star and GG all came by while I was eating lunch… It was a nice feeling to never really be alone on the trail even when walking alone. 


Luckily I didn’t see this nest

It started getting late and darker with a storm approaching and I was worried that I would arrive at the campsite (probably around 8pm in the dark) and it would be full. I passed a stream but didn’t stop to pick up water because just after walking under the last set of   powerlines, the heavens opened and I started to get drenched. I would have to eat a cold dinner of snacks rather than cook something. 

That storm is getting closer!

I got to the meadow with 4 camping spots, in the dark, and there was no-one there… So I had the pick of the bunch! I set up my tent in the rain, got in, changed into dry clothing, put on some music knowing I couldn’t disturb anyone and ate a dinner of leftover chips, fruit and chocolate. Tomorrow Snoqalmiie and a hot shower and comfy bed!

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