PCT Day 3, Cibbets campground to Mt Laguna campground

Day 3
Cibbets campground to Mt Laguna campground (mile 47.54), 14.5 miles (incl off-trail campsite access)
Cost: $2.75 ($22 per campsite divided by 8 people)

Today in a nutshell: walked through beautiful meadows with lots of wildflowers and birds singing, experienced my first trail magic with an ice box full of beer and soda outside the Outfitters shop in Mt Laguna, picked up my first re-supply box from Mt Laguna P.O. (yay, it had arrived!), met lots of friendly day hikers and saw awesome trees that acorn woodpeckers have pecked holes in to keep their acorns in… how cool! And I have about 4 blisters but managing to walk ok.


My Gossamer Gear Mariposa pack and breakfast


Tortilla with nutella and peanut butter for lunch


Trail magic


Beer and soda provided by a trail angel, thank you!


My first resupply box arrived 🙂


With Pop and JBird outside the Mt Laguna store


Fair enough!


Surprised a sign needed to be made for this!


Standing outside the Mt Laguna outfitter drinking trail magic soda


Stunning views!


Home for the night


Acorn woodpeckers have made these holes to store their acorns!


Tonight is forecast for 60 mph winds so let’s hope our tents all stay standing!

8 responses to “PCT Day 3, Cibbets campground to Mt Laguna campground

  1. Hi Kat. I’m following you. I loved the post about the umbrella. I’ve been looking for someone to invent a water proof, reflective, collapsible umbrella, that could double as a walking stick. I used one when I walked in Spain. I felt goofy too, but didn’t want the hot sun on my skin. Good luck to you on your journey, we have done seven caminos, including the primitive and the Portuguese , my favorite was from Le Puy. We were looking into southern France when I found you. Anyway if you need anything sent to you let me know. Buen Camino,

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  2. Hi Kat, we met you with our friends Diane and Kurt at Lake Morena Campground. Glad you enjoyed the food, and it was fun for us to see our picture, here. Wishing you happy trails, and we plan to follow you all the way. Marie & Dennis

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